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The Liberal secret agenda has been revealed

Posted in Uncategorized by conservative on December 13, 2005

Scott Reid’s comments this week gave a clear glimpse into the thinking behind Liberal policy (in case you don’t know what I’m talking about visit the conservative website). In a sentence it is:

“Canadians can’t be trusted”

The Proud to be Canadian website makes the point very well.

A few examples:

  • Majority of Canadians support traditional definition of marriage, but the Liberal government pushes ahead with legalizing same-sex marriage. The majority in this country can not be trusted to make decisions.
  • Liberal Childcare plan (I prefer calling their plan daycare) is only good if run by competant professional. Parents can not be trusted to raise their children.
  • They are the only party that can save us from Quebec seperating, even though they are largely responsible for the problem. No one else can trusted with speaking for Canada.
  • Liberals are the only ones who can clean up the corruption in Ottawa. Only Liberals can be trusted to root out untrustworthy Liberals.
  • Senators must be appointed by the PMO. Voters can’t be trusted with creating balance in Ottawa.
  • Government must run all healthcare. Sick Canadians can’t be trusted to choose how or when to get treatment.
  • And the list goes on …

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